Rules & Guidelines


Staff member

1.No Griefing

2.No Spamming

3.No Advertising (Only in specific channels)

4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

5.No Trolling/Flaming

6.No Banned Items

7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

8.Respect all Players

9.Obey Staff There the Law

10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

11. No Mods/Hacks/clients

12.No Full Caps Messages

13.No Builds Near Spawn

14 Do not use blacklisted words
(We do not provide examples!)
Mod/Admin Rules:

15.Be Responsible with the privileges you are given as a Builder/Mod

16.Do not spawn blocks or items for other players

17. dont abuse the rank you’ve been given

18. Dont ban people without premission

19. Allways communicate

20. Dont spread lies